Deadmouse: The Musical


Book of Mormon Meets Ratatouille

Hi! Deadmouse: The Musical is a musical parody about a mouse named Joel Zimmermouse who aspires to be a House DJ but is discriminated against for being a mouse. Joel must team up with his best friend David Goudda to defeat the evil mouse hating villain Avicheese.

Just so there’s no confusion Deadmouse the Musical is not written by Deadmau5 or endorsed by Deadmau5. It is a parody. It was written out of love of house music culture.

The Controversy

Upon learning about Deadmouse: The Musical, the real Deadmau5 issued a cease and desist letter for copyright infringement. After we posted the disclaimer you just read he removed the cease and desist letter allowing our show to continue! Here is an article in Billboard Magazine about it.

Billboard Article

The Team

To see more about our incredibly talented cast and creative team, click here The Team
Deadmouse: is taking place at the Toronto Fringe Festival for seven shows only.

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